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"Bird Children"
by Stan

Recently we were blessed by two robins who made a nest outside our window. Once we discovered the nest we watched them daily with amazement. It was like watching them close up on TV. From the time the eggs hatched, we watched momma and poppa take care of the young three babies. Every time I went looking for Patty, she was sitting by the window watching the robin family. Patty soon referred to them as her "bird children".

One morning, it was pouring down rain. We were wondering what birds do in the rain with their young. We looked out the window and saw momma sitting on the nest with her wings spread over the babies keeping them dry... her wings were wet and a drop ran off her beak.

On the last two days, we watched the babies (one at a time) stand on the edge of the next and take flight, leaving the nest to venture into the world. I had to grab the Kleenex box for Patty... The nest is now empty, nothing left but the memories.

The robin family took one day at a time and had everything they needed. This whole experience has reminded us that God will meet our every need and we are not to worry. We must trust Him.


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