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Oddly Named Towns In The USA

Here are sure some oddly named towns in the USA. Below are 10 sets of names. In each set I made up two of the town names, the other one is a real town. In each set of three names, see if you can figure out which town is real:


1. Toad Suck, Gulping Armadillo, Hairy Bear (Arkansas)

2. Cold Beans, Bananaville, Hot Coffee (Mississippi)

3. Tree frog Slue, Spread Eagle, Kitty Corners (Wisconsin)

4. Frankenstein, Dracula Flats, Godzillaburg (Missouri)

5. Turkey Scrub, Raptor Ridge, Chicken (Alaska)

6. Old Nine Center, Fifty-Six, Numbers (Arizona)

7. Poke-Um, Whippingstone, Knockemstiff (Ohio)

8. Rabbit Hash, Greasy Gopher, Road Kill (Kentucky)

9. Happy Jack, Smiling Mill, Merry Mirth (Arizona)

10. Password, Truth or Consequences, Game Show (New Mexico)






















Here are the real towns...

1) Toad Suck, Arkansas

2) Hot Coffee, Mississippi

3) Spread Eagle, Wisconsin

4) Frankenstein, Missouri

5) Chicken, Alaska

6) Fifty-Six, Arizona

7) Knockemstiff, Ohio

8) Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

9) Happy Jack, Arizona

10) Truth or Consequences, New Mexico


Here's the scoring:

10 Correct: I don't believe it.

6-9 Correct: You've amazing guessing power. Buy a lottery ticket.

2-5 Correct: In the words of the Smothers Brothers, 

Mediocre Fred. 0-1 Correct: You're an honest person!


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