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August 26th, 2006

Photos of our granddaughter Shannon and her groom Michael Ryals
on their wedding day!

Updated 09/14/06

Click on photos to enlarge and to read about each.

Click on photos to enlarge and to read about each.


From Shannon 09/14/06:

Since Michael was deployed to Iraq early, our wedding was moved to August 26th. There will not be another wedding when Michael returns as this one was perfect. We are planning a party/reception when he gets home in August. I will give more details when I know them.

Shannon Ryals

From Shannon 09/10/06:

Hello everyone!

The wedding went so great. It just all came together. The weather was beautiful. We had the ceremony in a garden and the photographer’s pictures came out great. I can’t wait to order them. We had the reception at a restaurant. The food was to die for. We did all the traditions. We cut the cake, threw the bouquet and garter, had our first dance and people even decorated our car. Michael and I had the best day. Here are just a few pictures (above) people have given me.

Michael left yesterday and I won’t lie, it was the saddest day of my life. Not only are you hurting for yourself, but you look around and see all the other families going through the same thing. Then I looked over and a dad was saying goodbye to his baby that was born 5 days ago. It was just awful. But the commanding officer seemed very confident and a good leader. So please keep praying. There are only 237 more days to go.

Shannon Ryals

From Rosellen and Jim (Michael's parents) 08/28/06:

As most of you know by now, our son Michael is to be deployed to Iraq on Sept 5, so his wedding was moved up and planned in 2 weeks. He married the most wonderful girl, Shannon on Aug 26. I ask your prayers for him when he goes to Iraq and for their marriage. Here are a couple of pictures (above) to share and to say thank you for being in our lives.

Rosellen and Jim

From Shannon 08/14/06:

I think one of the biggest moments in my life happened on Thursday afternoon. Michael came to my office totally unexpected. I was so surprised and happy until I looked at his face and he told me to sit down. He then proceeded to tell me he was being sent to Iraq on Sept. 4 for 7 months. It felt like a truck had hit me in the chest and I lost it. I was in total shock. For 24 hours it felt like I was in a horrible horrible dream. I ask that you pray for Michael's safety and pray for us as we go through this. We are moving our wedding up to August 26. I wouldn't say I am excited that the other wedding is canceled, but I am so happy to become his wife. We are canceling the Oct. wedding for now but will have it when he gets home. We are going to have a small outdoor wedding on Aug. 26. It is going to be beautiful. We had to go 3 months w/o talking when he was in boot camp and I hope 7 months goes fast. This may sound so cliche but I realized how much we meant to each other when he told me that he was leaving and my main concern was him and his safety and he told me that his big concern was leaving me here. Again your prayers are really appreciated.



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