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Heart warming stories and things that make you think.

Becoming As Little Children

  The House Behind The Weeds
Pinewood Derby   A Child of God
Puppies For Sale   The Lord's Prayer (Conversation with God)
A Prayer for Thanksgiving   The Big Wheel
Christmas Blessings Slide Show
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  Can u read this?
God's Cake   1905 - Facts From 100 Years Ago
How To Live Life   6.65 Acre USA Flag
The Holy Alphabet   Seven Wonders
How old is Grandma?   Breakfast at McDonald's
One Picture is Worth a 1000 Words   The Center of the Bible
Santa Claus   IRAQ - Did You Know?
Did You Know?   Mundane Task
Wisdom From a Old Pilot   What is "Laus Deo"?
"The Eye of God"   Angel Story
The Bible in 50 Words   Installing LOVE for 2005
What do you see?   Dart Test
ASAP   God's Under The Bed
Who's hands?... It Depends   How To Stay Young
God Is Always In Control   Remembering Fathers - Dads row, despite the blisters
This Message Has Power   Need to P.U.S.H.?
Technical Support - True Story   What's On The Other Side
Footprints   Good Spouses
Why The Flag Of The United States Of America Is Folded 13 Times   Words Of Wisdom By Paul Harvey
A Lesson From The Geese   Take Care Of The Rocks First
Five Most Important Lessons  

The Cross

Rescuing Hug   Message Boards & Chat Rooms
If Tomorrow Never Comes    




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Submitted by: Mr. & Mrs. W.R. & M.A. Phelps Sr.


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